October 4th-5th, 2019
Bellevue, Washington

"The Science of Influence will exceed your expectations!"

-Heather Newcomb, Program Manager, VT Works for Women Non-Profit
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You have more to give and more to contribute. How can you make a bigger difference?

Have you ever wanted to help someone create a better life for themselves but they resist change?

Why do people do that?

  • They say they want to change...
  • It would positively impact their life...
  • They clearly see the benefits...

You really care to make a difference... but you're not making a big enough impact. 

Pushing people to grow doesn't work. It causes mental, emotional, and physical “walls”. How do you influence others with compassion, patience and clarity?

It's a science.

Feeling like you don't have the answers leaves you in a state of frustration. You know that you are here for more... a bigger purpose... a larger mission. If you don't have

  • 100% clarity of vision
  • 100% certainty in your ability to bring that vision to life
  • 100% confidence in yourself (and the universe to support you)

You're missing information...

Spend 2 days diving deep into the Science of Influence and you'll be able to:

  • effectively and consistently guide other people to living a successful life
  • make an impact with everyone, even the people who you thought it was impossible to reach
  • feel clear, confident and be consistently focused

This training is not for beginners in personal development. It is for those who are tired of the superficial, power and money focused messages we see in marketing and care to make an actual difference in the lives of real people.  
Your hosts, Ani Anderson and Brian Trzaskos, have been are among the world's premiere experts in the science and application of personal transformation having a combined 45 years and 86,000 hours experience helping people transform their lives. Their practical approach makes this potentially complex information easy to understand, accessible to anyone and immediately applicable. Open yourself up to experiencing life in a whole new way when you see the possibilities for creating a successful life and business that impacts the lives of millions, sharing relationships with people who make you feel grateful to be alive, and enjoying unprecedented levels of health and vitality.
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"It's worth every second." -Franzisha Dehindz
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Benefits of Attending Include:

Recognize the deepest drivers of human behavior so you can help anyone create positive change.


Learn why people make choice to stay stuck, in spite of rational evidence that and genuine desire for a better life


Help people quickly bypass their resistance to change by accessing the nervous system in ways previously known only to a few


Know how to overcome the blind spots and emotional blocks that hinder innovation and progress


Employ the 7 C's of Influence to ensure you command the attention of any room


Be the person who brings joy, positivity, health and wellbeing to the lives of others. 


"If you are a CEO or leader who wants to improve your organization’s health and bottom line by supporting and growing your people, get NEW Health on board today!"
Nick George, CEO High Peaks Hospice


Are you in the business of helping others? An OLD mindset won't work anymore. Learning to embrace the NEW mind is critical to your success.

The NEW mind is Natural: Natural Laws are always operating within and through us. The OLD mind ignores these natural laws, as evidenced by a victim or bully dynamic. If you have people who are afraid to positively change their lives, likely they have been bullied in some way in the past. When you learn to embrace a NEW Mind, people gravitate to doing what is healthy, beneficial and good for them.

The NEW mind is Energetic: Everything is energy- our thoughts, our emotions and our bodies. Energy forms into patterns. The OLD mind tries to change reality by driving the intellect. The NEW mind understands the multifaceted intelligence that we have at our fingertips. If you find yourself avoiding any kind of negativity or unable to help people to tap into their own inherent passion and motivation, you have yet to embody an Energetic Mind.

The NEW mind is Whole: The OLD mind tries to force us to think positive, talks about “re-wiring” the brain and wonders what is wrong with people who aren't succeeding or don't "get it." The OLD mind focuses on intellectual knowledge which it falsely believes is superior. The NEW mind understands that the brain is an organ located between the ears but the “mind” also includes the intelligence of the whole body and the collective. If you're not connecting on an emotional level with your clients, staff, team or family, you're missing a big part of why we are alive... and you're not capturing a fraction of the innovative capacity available to you.
Your understanding of how the mind works directly dictates the degree to which you can positively and naturally influence others.
"If you're considering The Science of Influence - Absolutely do it! It's life changing."
-Angela Noelle, Acupuncturist and Intuitive Coach

Ani Anderson and Brian Trzaskos
Ani Anderson, MS, OT, LMT, CEMP, SBMC and Brian Trzaskos, PT, LMT, CSCS, CMP, MI-C, SBMC are the co-creators of Sensation-Based Mindset Coaching. They are a dynamic husband and wife team who have a combined 45 years and over 86,000 hours of client experience helping people transform their lives. Now they are the "go-to" experts in the science of influence for visionaries and leaders. Ani and Brian train and mentor executives, small business owners and entrepreneurs from around the world in cutting edge sensation-based mindset methods, helping them have a deeper and more meaningful impact in the lives of their clients, families and communities.

"I've read many books on personal development, and in theory they all made so much sense. But it wasn't until I started coaching with Sensation-Based Mindset that I was really able to understand and practice this wonderful new way of thinking."

-Susan Smith, Founder and CEO DAK Bars

Bellevue, Washington
Be Your Best Self
Seattle-Tacoma International Airport
"I don’t know anybody who is more masterful at the mind/body connection, understanding how it works and explaining it in a way that unlocks that knowledge for you in a way that isn’t a mystery."
Jay Pryor,
CEO and Founder Jay Pryor Consulting, LLC

Registration: 8-9am Saturday, October 4th
Friday, October 4th

The Science of Subconscious Resistance 
On Friday you will learn how to:
  • hack the nervous system to bypass resistance to change
  • identify and shift dysfunctional patterns of behavior before they become toxic
  • understand what really drives human behavior (it’s not what you think)
  • recognize the five primary resistance archetypes
Saturday, October 5th

The Science of Success
On Saturday you will learn how to:
  • use body language to diffuse tension, promote empathy, and build trust
  • confidently navigate people's negative emotional reactions
  • identify and take advantage of the opportunities that other people can’t see
  • become the sought after expert in your field
  • develop the clarity plan that will bring your influence capacities to the next level

Pre-event group clarity call to help set you up for success upon arrival
1:1 Post-event integration call with a member of our team

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I loved Ani and Brian's honesty. They have a natural, "real" approach. If you're thinking of coming to The Science of Influence, do it! You'll never regret it.

-Janice Grodsky, Spiritual Healer and Life Coach
There is a lot more that we can all be doing to give back to ourselves and our communities and The Science of Influence is a great tool to help you get on that journey. It helped me and my team create more clarity and confidence to move forward with our business goals.

-Elizabeth Pearl, CEO Pearl Physical Therapy

I have found Ani and Brian to be two of the most grounded individuals I have encountered in the industry. There are many out there wearing a "coach" hat without training, expertise or the ability to make an impact. Ani and Brian are a breath of fresh air- knowledgable, real and relatable.

-Shelly Van Goeye, CEO Lucky Penny Partners

If you're not satisfied with your experience at our event after the first day, we'll give you your money back after completing an exit interview with our staff.
Natural and beautiful Bellevue, Washington
Relax with us at the Bellevue Westin
Connected with the heart of the city, The Westin in Bellevue will provide you with the opportunity to be "all in" for this training. No need to worry about transportation... stay in the energy of your transformation, relax and integrate. Learn about the miraculous capacities of your mind in a place known for the wonders of the natural world's intelligence.

To reserve a room in our room block, please click 
How do I get to Bellevue?
Bellevue is right out side of Seattle and easily accessible by car or a short uber ride from the Seattle-Tacoma Airport. For more information about the airport, please visit this link: www.portseattle.org/sea-tac
Where should I stay?
Stay with us at the Westin so that you don't have to worry at all about transportation. Make sure to ask about our room block for special pricing! To book your room visit this link.

What should I wear?
Be yourself! Dress in comfortable business casual clothing that make you feel good. Please be aware that the room can be cool, so bring extra clothing if you need it. 
Can I bring my family?
Absolutely. Bellevue is a beautiful place to visit with so many wonderful ways for families to play together. Although the event is adult only, we encourage you to come and make a week or a weekend out of your trip. 
Are there restaurants and shopping nearby?
We only host our events where there is plenty of local, fresh dining. See our staff the day of the training for restaurant suggestions. 
What's the weather like in Bellevue?
Also it should be beautiful and not yet the rainy season, Seattle can be wet. Come prepared for warmth or coolness, sun or rain. There is an enclosed tunnel for waking outside to get to area restaurants. The event will be lightly chilled to help us maintain our energy so make sure to bring a sweater if you get chilly. 

It is our greatest joy to teach you how to be more successful so that you can positively impact and help others transform their lives.

Thank you for considering spending your precious time, money and energy with us!

We can't wait to see you in Bellevue!

With love,

Ani and Brian

Contact: If you have any questions, please contact our team at info@newwayofhealth.com